Kat Danson

Kat Danson

All About Singer/Songwriter Kat Danson

Thanks for visiting my new site about the fabulous Kat Danson. Chances are that you already know a little about her since you came here to my fan site. But if not here is a little overview. Kat Danson can be described as a singer/songwriter located in Los Angeles. She has had songs included in The Hills, The City, The Cleaner, Regis and Kelly and Ellen Degeneres. She is now working on her very first studio album.Kat Danson Photoshoot Latest she wrote and recorded the song Overload which was featured in the MTV show “The Hills”. Kat Danson’s forthcoming debut comes with productions from Johnny Jam (Aqua “Barbie Girl,” Ace of Bass, Mandy Moore), Michael Jay (Celine Dion, Eminem, New Kids On The Block), Keely Hawkes (Jordin Sparks), Jon Ingoldsby (Madonna) and David Gamson (Ke$ha, Scritti Politti, Chaka Khan). That’s the official word. Let me sneak in a bit more about the luscious Kat Danson 😉 She recently changed her artist name. When i asked her about the name change she said that she did it because she wanted to be known for her music and not for having a famous dad. Check back soon as I will update with more pictures and gossip about Kat Danson.

Check out Kat Danson’s music on Myspace and vote here for your favorite song:

STOP THE PRESS – Latest News

Just heard that Kat Danson is writing new songs for her forthcoming album. She is once again teaming up with Overload producer Johnny Jam and songwriters Keely Hawkes and Michael Jay to help co-write some new songs.  She tells me that we will see an official single release later this year. No word yet on which song will be her next single.

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